We offer you a consultancy service capable of covering every aspect of development, giving a start-to-finish service. We offer tailor-made solutions to suit both developers and landowners’ specific requirements and to maximise the potential of their assets. We add value by assessing and improving viability along with identifying and removing commercial risk at all stages.

You can benefit from our own bespoke design and appraisal programme that maximises development value for our clients. This system allows us to tailor our analysis to the individual client’s needs and objectives.
We provide advice on the design, procurement and construction of projects. Additionally, we provide sales and marketing research and advice on disposal and exit options. To maximise the full potential of each development, we utilise the extensive experience, knowledge and creativity of ALNT Consultants to add tangible value to every project that we work on.

We generate innovative and investment-led sales strategies. We will be able to offer expertise at all stages of the development process and provide an integrated service from site acquisition to final sales of individual units.

Our underlying objective is to achieve maximum value for the developer’s site or building. To this end, our comprehensive service involves the management and co-ordination of all the key areas of the development process:

• Site and opportunity identification and feasibility testing
• Market evaluation and purchaser profiling
• Identification of comparable schemes and values
• Assistance with development, land and option agreements
• Creation of overall development strategies including tactical advice
• Client project team selection, briefing and management
• Optimising design, layout, specification and providing product mix advice
• Providing environmental, infrastructure and sustainability advice
• Assisting in determining planning strategy
• Construction and programme advice
• Procurement strategies reviewed and negotiation of contracts to ensure best value
• Development budget and cost control
• Sales, marketing and letting strategies
• On-going development appraisal and viability analysis
• Evolving estate structures and management strategies
• Overall project management of the development and construction process
• Risk analysis and elimination at key stages of the project

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